Sheer beauty engulfed with a breathtaking ambiance and nothing else is Sirwo and Cranes Haven Resort. Its name cranes Haven Resort comes from the fact that the land is home to hundreds of birds as well as other species. It's Hidden in Kitale, away from the dissonance of the roads and city, and surrounded by a blanket of emerald green tea fields and a haphazard forest. It’s the aptest location to visit as it offers a wide range of services to suit your liking. Equipped with lavish accommodation, outdoor activities like archery, a state of the art conference room to mention but a few. The grounds are perfect for your weekends, events, and functions.


To suit your accommodation needs, Cranes Haven resort offers you quality packages that you will cherish for life! It consists of a luxurious tented campsite. Five luxury tents to be precise. Three doubles and two family-sized. Each tented camp is nestled away in forested seclusion that gives total privacy. The tents at haven spot a unique and beautiful thatched roof that not only makes them stand out but also helps with climate control. Each tent is named after a bird except one called the Governor’s tent. This tent is one of the three doubles on offer, and in addition to the verandah looking out into the bush, it comes equipped with a large luxurious bed, a bathroom with a Victorian claw-foot bathtub as well as a shower area. For those who get chilly at night, all tents do come with a heater for the colder nights.
Anywhere you sit at the camp, you can always hear the call of the birds. It’s an ideal destination for birdwatching enthusiasts. But if birdwatching is not necessarily your hobby, the camp also offers a heated swimming pool as well as a nature trail to explore the area and wildlife in the forest.
In addition to Cranes Haven resort, there is also the Hotel Cranes in Kitale town. A relatively new establishment, the hotel offers a selection of rooms, from the self-catering double studio to the executive suites. Breakfast on the rooftop restaurant is something that should not be missed, as it offers fantastic views of the surrounding areas.
There is a Sirwo resort located a few minutes away from the tented camp. The resort is a large hacienda-style building that lies in beautifully manicured grounds, lined with flowers and indigenous trees, with the Cherengany hills to the east and Mount Elgon to the west. Inside there is a verandah bar, coffee shop as well as a 100-seat state of the art conference room. The grounds are perfect for an afternoon with your family or even for large scale events, as the kitchen can cater for up to 2000 people. The food is excellent! Not to forget Fresh as it is Grown and produced on the farm adjacent.

Business conference hall

The state of the art conference room is a sure shot way to impress your colleagues as it offers the best facilities available. The modern business and conference facilities include meeting and conference rooms and non-stop activities to make sure that each and every guest is satisfied. The conference center is a tranquil recoil which is endowed with a modern board room to accumulate many people at the same time. These rooms are gifted with hi-tech sound systems, fast internet, multimedia projectors, and enthusiastic and sincere staff.


A day at the Sirwo Farm is a sire to behold. Its unconstrained acres of thriving greenery never fail to mesmerize anyone. Its vast coffee and tea estate is a breathtaking site too. One can go along on a farm tour and learn a thing or two about coffee and tea farming. There is also horseback riding around the farm. Our guides will take you for an unforgettable experience. All levels of riders are welcome.

It’s easy to constantly choose the same place to visit when choosing where to go on holiday. Its perfectly alright to have a favorite place to visit, but its only by venturing somewhere new, somewhere different that we can discover some of the hidden gems our country holds. Cranes Haven is one of these. Take a chance and you never know. You might just find your heaven on earth!